To Parents Who Want A Better Life
For Their Child With Autism - But Don't Know How

The NEW Approach to Finally Give Your Child Lasting Independence and Fulfillment

Do you worry about what happens next for your child?

If your child is on the Autism Spectrum, I already know the answer:

Every minute of every day.

And I can say that so confidently because I’ve been there.

If you’re anything like I was, you constantly ask yourself:

  • What if something happens to me?
  • What happens as I get older and can’t support him anymore?
  • Will he ever be able to get a job?

This is my son Andrew.

Just 5 years ago, Andrew was “aging out” of the education system. And we had no idea what to do next.

Of course, like you probably have, we looked at all the options. We researched every program and service we could find. And even though we didn’t want Andrew to leave home, we even looked at various residential options.

I hated the idea that our only options were government programs and charities.

Maybe you feel that way, too. Your child shouldn’t be treated like a charity case. Isn’t there anyone, besides you, who will treat him like the person you know he is -- and can be?

The problem that I’ve seen with most programs is that they almost always focus on what needs to be provided for people like Andrew, rather than what Andrew can do and contribute. He doesn’t need a hand-out, just an environment where he can succeed.

And so there was always the option of not using any of these services. We could provide for him at home with our family. But staying home every day with nothing to do… what kind of life is that?

But what really kept me up at night was one, terrifying thought.

What would happen to my son if something happened to me?

The awful truth is that I’m not going to be around forever.

That’s when I decided to stop waiting for someone else to give my son what he needed.

Instead I created the life I wanted for my son and I knew he wanted for himself -- one that gave him true independence.

And I want to show you how you can do the same for your child.

What if We've Been Looking at Autism All Wrong?

At this point, most everyone knows that people on the autism spectrum process information differently than neurotypicals.

But still, despite the education, despite the progress, most people view autism with pity.

You hear it every day, I’m sure. Very few people look for ways that neurodiverse people can contribute the advantages they bring to the workplace and to their communities.

Instead, energy and funding is spent on handouts. These temporary solutions support basic needs for that moment but rarely have an eye toward the future.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I was… over and over and over.

Don’t get me wrong -- there were some great programs out there. But that thought kept coming back… without me there, it still didn’t work.

I still couldn’t see how Andrew could be part of a community, have a fulfilling job, live a life of meaning and purpose. And don’t we all deserve that?

I couldn’t find anything out there like that. So I made it.

And I’m not going to lie to you, it was difficult.

But, looking back, I realize that it was no more difficult than what I had been doing before -- worrying, living life frustrated, and even shedding tears with my family about what to do next.

For the first time since I can remember I felt in control of the situation. I was in the driver’s seat… not the state, not the school… but just me and Andrew.

And because I built an asset… something bigger than myself. Something that was going to outlive me (and even outlive my son)...

...No matter what happens to me, I know that Andrew is going to be ok.

And I want the same for you.

Who we are


I’m John D’Eri.

Through this journey with my other son Tom D’Eri and his friend Tom Sena, we’ve learned a lot since 2011 in building Rising Tide.

Together, we created a scalable social enterprise with the primary mission to employ adults with autism.

We’re business operators, we live this business everyday. Everything that we do is practical and proven, and we want to share what we’ve learned with you.

Because it’s a sustainable, profitable business, our son Andrew and others like him have a job they love, true independence, and something that will continue even if something happens to me.

By delivering a first-rate experience to the consumer, Rising Tide strives to inspire communities to change their perception of the capabilities of people with autism. Through training, team building and caring for the community, Rising Tide sets its employees up for success. With this model, Rising Tide has a goal to provide people with autism an opportunity to build a career and achieve an independent lifestyle.

People with autism are typically very good at structured tasks, following processes, and having attention to detail. These are just some of the strengths people with autism have that in some cases make them the best employees you could ask for.

This is something one of our biggest partners, the University of Miami Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD), has helped us understand over the years. In partnership with our colleagues at the University of Miami CARD and with generous support from The Taft Foundation, we've been able to package everything we've learned over the years to share it with you.

We believe in success because of autism, not in spite of it.

And it’s possible to build a financially viable social enterprise on the basis of these strengths.

We want to show you how to harness the operational advantages of employing individuals with autism, so your loved one can lead the full and independent life they deserve.

You've Been Holding The Keys
To Your Child’s Independence All Along...

There are already dozens of autism enterprises started by people just like you… from our Rising Tide Car Wash to bakeries to software testing.

These amazing (and profitable) businesses began when someone, like you, realized that the best way to ensure their child’s future was to take control...

...To create an asset that would continue to grow, support the community, and outlive them both.

And now you can do the same and give your loved one a fulfilling life while harnessing the Autism Advantage.

“I wouldn't know where to start to create something like this...”

You have all the smarts and the grit that you need to start a business.

How do I know that?

Because as a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you’ve most likely already:

  • Spent hours researching topics that were important to you and your family
  • Tested different approaches to problems and finding what works best for you and your family
  • Asked questions when you didn’t understand something or when something didn’t go right
  • Solved problems and resolved conflict even when you were tired, confused, and frustrated
  • Put in hard work even when other people didn’t understand -- because you knew that the result would be worth it

These are the exact skills you need to start a business.

You’re not afraid of hard work.

You’re not afraid of challenges.

You’re not afraid to try something unconventional.

Hard work, challenges, unconventional?

That’s our life in a nutshell.

And while I know you have what it takes. I also know that you need the tools.

That’s where we come in with The Autism Advantage.

I know starting a business can seem scary.

Maybe this is the first time you’ve considered it.

Or maybe, in the back of your mind, you’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

Either way, the things that hold us back from starting are often unfounded fears -- constructed by the media, critics... or even our own mind.


I consider this workshop to be one of the most valuable learning experiences I've ever had. Rising Tide stressed the importance of marketing individuals on the spectrum as valuable employees rather than people that need special attention.  That viewpoint has changed the way that I market our products and services. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is considering starting an autism focused business!


Which of These 6 Business Myths are Holding You Back
From Creating Your Own Autism Enterprise?



This is the most common barrier to starting any business. Stories and legends about business make it sound like the perfect idea hits someone like a lightening bolt and it’s all roses from there. The truth is, that’s rarely how real success happens. The first idea may change, adapt, or be abandoned altogether. The final business rarely comes from instant inspiration, but instead from research, testing, and brainstorming.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to go from “no idea” -- or its sister issue “too many ideas” -- into a sustainable, profitable business that supports your loved one with autism.



Success because of autism, not in spite of it

The Autism Advantage is the only program of its kind that walks you step-by-step through creating a social enterprise that supports neurodiverse individuals. We’ll cover everything from finding the right idea, to getting funding, to launching your product the right way. Here’s how the program is structured:

Module 01

The Entrepreneur Mindset

  • How to avoid the Reverse Thinking Trap that most social entrepreneurs fall into
  • The counterintuitive truth about thinking ahead
  • The Typical Entrepreneur vs. The Autism Enterprise Entrepreneur (sometimes you want to be one, but sometimes you want to be the other)
  • Why putting profit before charity is one of the most generous things you can do for your business
  • How to harness The Autism Advantage (we don’t just keep up with our competitors, we do it better)
  • Dignity, Sustainability, and Community Impact -- how to create the trifecta in your business -- no matter how small.
Module 02
Module 03
Module 04
Module 05
Module 06
Module 07
PLUS, Each Module includes printable worksheet and PDFs, including:
  • The Autism Advantage Overview: How to identify the ways autism makes better employees
  • The Ideation Worksheet: How to find and hone your idea
  • The One Page Business Plan: Sketch out your business in black and white to determine potential landmines fast
  • Email Outreach Cheat Sheet: Reach anyone at any company
  • Demand Worksheet: How to figure out if people really want your product (before spending money)
  • The Customer Avatar Worksheet: Deciding who your customer is and what they really want
  • Networking: Find the right people to support you and reach them effectively
  • Finding Your Story: A step-by-step process to find the compelling “hook” for better networking and media outreach
  • Business Structures Overview: Determine the tax, legal, and financial effect on each business structure
  • Pitch Deck Checklist: What to include every time you’re looking for funding sources
  • Interview Questions for Neurotypicals
  • Interview Questions for People on the Autism Spectrum
  • Resources List: All the software, tools, and templates that we recommend


The reason we were able to take the leap- is from all that we learned through Rising Tide. Rising Tide- the workshop- the relationships that came from the workshop- the wisdom of your podcast interviewees and interviewers- all contributed to an invaluable knowledge base that allowed us to feel "ready". I am very, very grateful for all that we have learned from Rising Tide!


On your time at your pace

We’ve created this course to give you everything you need to create a successful autism enterprise. We truly believe that social entrepreneurship is the key to independence, purpose, and fulfillment for people on the autism spectrum.

We also know that this may seem overwhelming at this point. You may be questioning if you’re the “type of person” that can do this. It’s a challenging road, and it’s not for everyone, but we’ve structured the course so that you’ll only have to focus on one step at a time. We’ll make sure that you won’t get bogged down by the details or issues that you’re not ready for. You’ll have the best possible chance of success.

Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to this material. You can work on starting an autism enterprise even if you’re still working a full-time job. Even if you only have a few hours each week to dedicate. Or, if you have the time and would like to get started fast, you can do that, too.

You Do Have Other Options

I’ll be honest with you, we didn’t have a Roadmap like this when we started Rising Tide Car Wash. Most businesses don’t -- especially autism enterprises. We figured out all this ourselves through painful trial and error.

When all was said and done, we estimate we could have saved over $100,000 in startup costs if we hadn’t made some costly mistakes -- mistakes that you can avoid with the Autism Advantage Program.

There are, of course, other options for learning about how to start a business.

Go to Business School

In an MBA program, you’ll learn about business theory, managing people (neurotypical only!), and finances… but I don’t know of any business school that goes deep into social enterprises or working with employees on the Autism Spectrum. Cost: $100,000+

Hire a Business Coach

A quick internet search will bring up literally hundreds of different business coaches. Some are incredible and could shortcut your path to success. But some, as we found, are only out to make a quick buck. They have no real-world business experience (their only business experience is starting their coaching business… seriously). How do you find a good one? And do any know anything about autism enterprise? And none of them offer money-back guarantees. So you could end up spending thousands for useless, irrelevant advice. Cost: $20,000+

Do nothing

As I said at the beginning of this letter, there are services and programs out there for our children. But I never wanted charity for my son. I wanted him to feel valued, to have purpose, to contribute. The thought of him sitting home for years was heartbreaking for me. And, even more so, the uncertainty about what would happen down the road. I couldn’t bear to sit by and let someone else control my son’s future. That’s why we created Rising Tide.

And now, I know that you can do the same for your family.

Most online business courses cost $2,000+, and of course, they don’t include any information about autism enterprises.

With everything that’s included, we could have easily priced the course at more than that. And honestly, that’s the advice some people gave us.

But I know your situation, and I’ve been there. We want to get this information into the hands of as many families with autism as possible.

Which is why The Autism Advantage is available for just $495 (5 payments of $99).

You’ll get all 7 modules, over a dozen worksheets, and all the resources and tools that saved us more than $100,000 in our business.


Our Unbeatable Guarantee

Thumbs-up from the Rising Tide Car Wash team on our 100% 30-day money back guarantee

If you're not blown away by the program, and it doesn’t show you exactly how to start and grow your own autism enterprise, we'll refund you 100%.

No questions asked. Cancel with a 100% refund within 30 days.


When you click below,
you'll instantly receive...

  1. The exact system we used to test, build, and launch Rising Tide
  2. All 7 modules including video training on best practices -- both from our experience and business experts
  3. Access to the exclusive Autism Advantage Community
  4. All of the worksheets, templates, and resources to get you started
  5. The 100% Money Back Guarantee

You CAN do this. We can help.

Before reading this letter, you may have never thought about starting an Autism Enterprise before. So we understand that there are probably a thousand thoughts and questions running through your mind right now.

Some of them we can answer easily like: “where is the best place to get funding?” or “how do I know if my idea will make money and be sustainable?”

But some of them, we’re afraid, only you can answer.

Questions like:

  • “Could I really do this?”
  • “Is this too crazy for us?”
  • “What if I fail?”

There are no easy answers to those questions. All we know is that we asked them, too. We had no idea when we started if Rising Tide was going to work. And we’re not going to pretend we weren’t scared. We were terrified.

But what terrified us more was the alternative -- doing nothing.

I knew that the only way to give my son the life he deserved was to create it.

I had to be the change that I wanted to see by doing things differently. Doing it better.

Parents of children on the autism spectrum already have so many advantages -- grit, determination, and resiliency.

And, as we’ve already proven, our children don’t just make adequate employees… they make better employees.

You too can harness your Autism Advantage.

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